10.28 | Eagle has Landed

Today, Mr. Eagle came to the class to discuss the district career center opportunities. Absent students should see Mr. Eagle to get information and to sign up for the programs for the career center field trips.

10.27 | School Links

Today, Mr. Agee came to class and spoke to the class about School Links and other counselor-related events. Absent students do not have class assignments to make up.

10.25 | Intros cont’d

There was not analogy today. Instead, students read independently as soon as the bell rang.

Then, students continued the notes assigned yesterday. These are due Thursday but students will not have time to work on this assignment on Thursday.

10.24 | Intro those intros

Today, students read independently.

Then, students began the note for Introductions found in Google Classroom. These notes are not gateway assignments; students should complete them without asking for feedback. They are due Thursday; students will have time to work on them tomorrow but not Thursday.