9.30 | T.T.S Gw

Today, students read independently.

Then, students continued working on the Thesis and Topic Sentence Gateway from yesterday. Students should continue to request feedback. Students MAY have time to continue working on this on Monday, but school picture day is Monday so students should expect limited time in class to work.

9.29 | Thesis and Topic Sentence: A joint venture

Today, students completed the word analogy of the day. Absent students should get their absence excused in order for the bell-ringer to be exempted. Then, students read independently.

Then, students began working on the Thesis and Topic Sentence Gateway found in Google Classroom. Students should at least attempt the thesis statements today and request feedback once they’ve done so. Students will continue working on this tomorrow, as well.

9.28 | Benefits of Failure

Today, students completed the writing assignment, “On Perseverance” in NoRedInk.com. It is due by 11pm. Students who have an unexcused absence cannot earn points on this assignment; students with excused absences will have this assignment exempted from their grade.

Students can check Google Classroom stream for a direct link to the assignment.

9.26 | Library and gateway

Today, students went to the library to check out books.

Then, students read independently.

Students spent the rest of the class period working on their gateway assignment from last week. Also, students should complete the Banana Ball blast in StudySync.

9.23 | Happy half birthday to me!

Today, students read independently. Absent students should be sure to get this absence excused so the bellringer can be excused as well.

Then, students continued working on their Topic Sentence Gateway, due Monday.

Students were reminded that they have a NoRedInk.com assignment due today.