3.30 | Topic Choice Wednesday

UPDATE: Mrs. Evans had to be out today. Plans changed a bit. Here are the directions left for the sub:

  • Students should complete the StudySync assignment called Week 28 | Stranger than Fiction Blast. Students are required to finish this assignment TODAY. It will not be accepted late and students can only earn the points if they were marked present in class. Students who have an excused absence will not be penalized for this assignment.
  • Students should also continue working on their projects.
    • If students are ready to set up their classroom site, they should fill out the conference form found in Google Classroom (posted yesterday) and Mrs. Evans will conference with them when she returns.
    • If students have not chosen a topic for their project, they should fill out the topic form found in the bottom post in Quarter 4 in Google Classroom. Mrs. Evans will conference with them when she returns.
    • Topic choices are still due Friday.

Students continued researching their topic and/or set up conferences with Mrs. Evans to finalize their topics.