3.16 | Testing Roundup

Today, students completed the word analogy of the day. Then, students read independently.

We reviewed some last-minute writing tips and the testing schedule for testing. Here is a summary of what we discussed:

Essay-writing: Supporting Paragraphs

  • Don’t just write a summary. The prompt will never ask you to write a summary of the text. Only summarize in an introduction or a teensy bit in the explanation of a paragraph.
  • Stick with ONE piece of evidence–max 2 if pulling from two pieces of text at the same time. Explain the heck out of that piece of evidence.
  • Finish the paragraph completely–the last big flex is to explain how all of the paragraph proves or is linked to the thesis/answer to the question. Don’t just leave the info for your audience to figure out on their own.


Students will be called down to the library for testing at around 8am. Students will be released together, once testing is over, toward the end of the 3rd period.

Here’s the calendar:

  • March 17, 18: Periods 2 and 4
  • March 21, 22: Period 5
  • March 24, 25: Periods 7, 8
  • March 28, 29: Special Testing