8.31 | Welcome!

Today, students were given their seating assignment.

Then, students who did not complete their work on Thursday/Friday, were given time to do so.

Students were assigned the Know Thyself assignment, found in Google Classroom, which is due Friday.

8.27 | Day two!

Today, we met in our online classroom! The link is in Google Classroom AND the email sent Wednesday evening.

Students completed this work during class, which included signing up for NoRedInk and doing the short diagnostic for completion grade. Be sure you’re logged into your school account to access the work.

8.26 | Welcome Back… virtually!

Today, students met in our online classroom (the link was sent to their school email accounts!) where we talked about joining the Google Classroom, signing the classroom syllabus, and joining the texting service for our class.

Students may click here to access the resources for today.