3.11 | English 10

Today, students responded to the journal prompt below. Students with an excused absence should write a half-page response to the journal and submit to Mrs. Evans with a completed absent work form.

Journal #31

Behavioral Scientist Steve Maraboli once said, “Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” React to this quote. What are some things you can’t control in your life? How can you release them so that you can focus on controlling what you can control? What are some things you can control in your life? What can you do to better control those things? Explain your thoughts.

Then, students read independently. Students with an excused absence should read independently for 20 minutes and submit a half-page summary of their reading and reactions to their reading with an absent form attached for credit.

Students who need Brave passes to make up work were encouraged to get them today and attend tomorrow. Friday is the last day to submit late work; late work passes will be pulled Friday after school.

3.11 | English 11

Today, students used class time to work on their Independent Reading Projects. They will need to checkpoint their setting puzzles during class tomorrow. As a reminder: Checkpoints are when students show Mrs. Evans that they are about 95% finished with the assignment so that Mrs. Evans can be sure they’re not way off base and give very basic feedback to students so they are not turning in something completely incorrect. They are required steps in the assignment, which means they are for a grade.