Absent work: Mrs. Evans

Hi! It looks like you’re planning to be out of school for a while and are requesting work.  Every day, I post what we do in class on evansenglish.me, the classroom website.  On the home screen, select your class–English 11 or English 10–and you’ll find everything from most recent to oldest that we’ve done. There’s also a calendar on each page where you can click and see all posts from each day.  If you click on the day you’re looking for, you’ll see both of my classes’ work; be sure to only look at the work for your class.

Journal prompts are provided on the day we did journals.  Independent reading time requires you to read on your own for 20 minutes and write a half-page summary of your reading.

If there are group assignments, you’ll need to do those on your own unless the post specifies otherwise.

If there are tests/quizzes, you’ll need to see me upon your return to take them; if you don’t plan to return, contact the school about how these tests and quizzes can be taken.

All of this is assuming that you are allowed to make up the work while you are out. Be sure absences are excused if applicable, etc.  For unexcused absences, students may not earn more than half credit for their work.

This was a general notice to anyone requesting work.  Should you have specific questions, feel free to text me or email me. Join the class texting service by following the directions below or email me at [email protected]

Class text messaging:

  • English 11: Text @evans11 to the number 81010
  • English 10: Text @evans10 to the number 81010