It looks like you are just joining my class or just now deciding that you’d like to do your work for the school year. I’m so glad you’re here and I’m so glad to see how you will progress from here on out.

Thesis Statements

First, we learned how to write thesis statements. 

Take these notes and send Mrs. Evans your thesis statement from the end of the notes if you’d like feedback.

Topic Sentences

Then, we learned two specific ways to write topic sentences. There are many other ways to write topic sentences besides this, but these types are the kinds we will use in our classroom writing this year.

Take these notes about topic sentences and send Mrs. Evans your topic sentences from the end of your notes.


Thirdly, we learned about paragraphing. Again, there are many ways to write paragraphs and this is just one suggestion.

Take notes here over paragraphing. Ask Mrs. Evans to conference with you about paragraphing when you’re finished if you have any questions.


Notes were given through PearDeck for this set of notes. Here’s the link to that.