Mid-Year Student Orientation

Your Syllabus

Click the link below to view your syllabus.  If you need to print a copy, do so.  Mrs. Evans tries to keep copies for new students in the classroom.  Please return your syllabus slip as soon as possible.  Your parent may also choose to complete the digital form of the syllabus slip, linked on the document.

Orientation Video

At the beginning of a typical year, we view this video.  Feel free to watch it!

As far as classroom procedures go, watch the video below!

Tour of the Classroom Website

The classroom website is evansenglish.me.  Mrs. Evans posts to the website daily; each class has a post for every day.  These posts summarize the events of the class, the homework assigned, deadlines, and expectations.  These posts are especially helpful when you are absent or when you lose a worksheet that was given out.

The best way to find only the information for your class is to click your class name on the home page or at the top menu.  This will take you to a page with snippets from all of the posts for your class.  Click on the titles to read the whole post.

Sometimes, directions include hyperlinks.  Hyperlinks are words that, when clicked, take the user to another page.  For instance, this link will take you to the page about Mrs. Evans.  Sometimes, the hyperlinks are descriptive (which means that they tell you what the destination of the link is) and sometimes the sentence around the link tells you what the link takes you to.

When looking for your assignment, you will find the date and then name of the class on post title.  For instance, “English 10” indicates that the post is exclusively about the sophomore English course for that day.  Some posts do not have a class designation; this probably means that they are general posts or are meant for parents.


The calendar on the classroom website is very helpful for students who are seeking activities for a specific day, especially students who were absent.  Using the calendar to the right to find an assignment from a specific day requires users to click on that specific date.  If the date is not clickable, there was either no school that day, or silly Mrs. Evans forgot to make a post.

Daily Posts

Mrs. Evans will usually post each day’s assignment in the morning.  This allows students who were absent to come back to school caught up if they were well enough to do work from home.  Posts will always be made by the end of the day, before Mrs. Evans leaves for the day.  Occasionally, a post is missed.  Give a holla and Mrs. Evans will correct this mistake! :)

Connect with Mrs. Evans

Why should you connect with Mrs. Evans? The greatest benefit is that extra credit is ONLY discussed digitally, via text alerts and on the website.  While you are not required to use any of these methods to connect with Mrs. Evans, these methods will be the only means of receiving the extra credit assignments in the class.

Text Alerts

This method is the most recommended method of all of the ways to connect with Mrs. Evans.  This method provides updates from Mrs. Evans which go directly to your phone via text message.  Usually, Mrs. Evans sends one to three messages each week; standard messaging fees apply.  See your carrier for details.  Sign up using the directions below:

  • English 9: Text “@evans9” to 81010
  • English 10: Text “@evans10” to 81010

School Google Account (GAFE)

Google Apps for Education is a resource provided for free by the school.  Students have access to many of the Google Account services under the supervision of the district guidelines.

Students should sign up for Mrs. Evans’ Google Classrooms by following the steps below:

  1. go to classroom.google.com and sign in using your school sign-in information
  2. Hit the “+” button to add a class. Use the codes below to add yourself to your class:


Students are assigned weekly NoRedInk.com assignments.  Each week, students have a practice assignment followed by a quiz.  Generally, these assignments are posted at 3pm each Friday and are due the next Friday at 3pm.  To join the class, follow the directions below:

  1. Go to NoRedInk.com.
  2. Click “Sign up for Free” and click “I am a student.”
  3. Use the class code below to join your class period:
  4. Click “Sign up with Google” and log in to your school Google account to set up your account.
  5. Complete the interest inventory.


Consider using the apps found on this page.

Learning Styles Inventory

Take the learning styles inventory.  Record your learning style in your planner.