About Mrs. Evans

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Mrs. Evans grew up in Northern Kentucky, where she attended Walton-Verona Independent Schools.  She graduated from Walton-Verona High School, a bronze school with the US News and World Report.

After high school, Mrs. Evans earned her Bachelor of Arts in English at Georgetown College.  Upon graduation, Mrs. Evans began her Master of Arts in Teaching at Northern Kentucky University while teaching at Scott High School.  She completed her degree in two years and taught at Scott High School in the Kenton County School District for four years.

During the summer of 2010, Mrs. Evans married Mr. Evans and moved to Central Ohio; she has been teaching in Central Ohio ever since and began her time at Whetstone High School in the fall of 2017.

Personal Interests

Mrs. Evans in Northern Ireland

By Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Mrs. Evans enjoys photography both as a hobby and as a professional.  She has her own side hustle as a photographer.

Mrs. Evans is a major technology junkie.  She loves working with software and hardware and loves to use technology to attempt to make life easier.  In 2012, she built her first computer from an extra computer tower and parts purchased online.

Writing is also a passion Mrs. Evans enjoys on the regular. She owns a few blogs, journals on old-fashioned paper, and has odd jobs writing and editing.  One of her goals is to write a book– a non-fiction book of some sort.

One of Mrs. Evans’ favorite interests is travel.  Mrs. Evans almost always has a plan to travel somewhere near or far.  Some of her favorite trips were to France, Japan, Greece, England, Northern Ireland, and Ireland.  Of course, she has a ton of pictures to show for her travels.  And blog posts.  Oh, the blog posts!

Her favorite people are her husband (Mr. Evans) and her kiddos, a son and a daughter.

Teaching Passions

Mrs. Evans’ teaching passions include using technology to engage students and facilitate deep thinking and problem-solving. At the heart of education, Mrs. Evans believes students should regularly practice real-world skills, including problem-solving, collaborating, leading, speaking, analyzing, researching, and creating authentic work.  She’s a fan of interrobangs, proper apostrophe usage, and the Oxford comma.