What do I do in the event of an absence?

In the event of an absence, a student should check this website for work from the day.  The link to the work will be tweeted as well.  Students should submit a doctor or parent note to the front office in accordance with district attendance policies.  For hard-copy (paper) assignments, students should get an “Absent Work Submit” form from the classroom and attach to all absent work.  For digital assignments, students should complete the absent work form and submit the form so Mrs. Evans grades the assignment.

I see you love to engage in learning using technology in the classroom.  What if I don’t have a device to use at school?

Please let Mrs. Evans know if you are in need of technology in the classroom.  Mrs. Evans would love to help you engage in the classroom during digital work time.

How do I submit a late assignment?

If students do not complete an assignment on time, they should retrieve a late form from the classroom and submit it with their late assignment.  Students who must submit a digital assignment late should also fill out the form and give it to Mrs. Evans so that digital late work is graded.

How may I contact Mrs. Evans?

It is best to contact Mrs. Evans via email, via the texting service, or in person.

Where can I learn more about Mrs. Evans?

Check out this handy-dandy info page.

I’m looking to buy a device for my student; what is the best device for the long run?

If you’re looking to give your student more than a mobile device, but a laptop seems too expensive or you’d rather spend less, consider investing in a Chromebook.  While the device is still technically a laptop, it is small, lightweight, and cost-effective.  This device makes it super easy for users to write, browse, compose, and play; no software is required and the battery power is usually excellent.  Google Apps for Education will work wonderfully on this device.  I recommend that the Chromebook have at least 4gb of memory; otherwise, the features are up to you!