Daily Declaration

What is the daily declaration?

This is a call and response practice that we will practice every day so we can better gear up for the class activities. This process will remind us of the class expectations and best practices for our approach to learning and living.

The Declaration

Mrs. Evans: Hello, students!

Students: Hello, Mrs. Evans!

Mrs. Evans: What’s going on?

Students: Today is a new day, Mrs. Evans! I am grateful for the opportunity to improve myself. I know that, in order to improve myself, I must be persistent, be respectful, and be my best self.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, yeah? Tell me about that!

Students: I must be persistent, acknowledging that I may sometimes require more tries to reach success.  I may need to work harder than I expected in some ways and I will push myself to measure my persistence before I measure my swiftness.  This will help me to improve myself exponentially.

Mrs. Evans: I look forward to seeing that, ladies and gentlemen!

Students: I will be respectful as far as it concerns me because I know for a fact that everyone and everything has value.  This includes my classmates, my teacher, the tools of learning, and myself.  I will be respectful even when others make different choices and even when I don’t want to.  I will be respectful because doing so automatically helps me to improve myself.

Mrs. Evans: I like the sound of that!

Students: And lastly, I will be my best self today, even if I chose not to be my best self yesterday.  I will forgive myself for my flaws, work to my strengths, and advocate for my own needs by speaking positively about myself, asking others for help when necessary and appropriate, and being proud of my accomplishments, no matter the size. Every day that I am my best self, I improve myself.

Mrs. Evans: I am so proud of you for making this decision!

Students: Thank you, Mrs. Evans! I know that you are here for me, so let’s get started! I can’t wait to improve myself today!