Characterization Essay: “A Rose for Emily”

Follow these directions for formatting and submitting your essay.

Insert running header

  1. Click “Insert” and scroll down; click “Header.”
  2. Change the alignment to “right align”
  3. Type your proper last name
  4. Hit the space key
  5. Insert the page number by clicking “Insert” then “Page number” then the top left box.
  6. See below for an example

Insert MLA Header

  1. At the top of the page, type your first and last name and push Enter
  2. Type your teacher’s name: Mrs. Evans (be sure you type this correctly!) Push enter.
  3. Type the course; here’ it’s English 10. Push enter.
  4. Type the due date of the paper: December 20, 2022. Type it as shown in the example. Push enter.

Create a title

  1. Change the alignment to center align
  2. Type the title as shown: “A Rose for Emily”: Characterization
  3. Push enter. Change alignment to left aligned.

Copy and paste your essay in

  1. Copy your introduction and paste it in.
  2. Copy and paste your thesis in right after the introduction. Be sure there’s a space after the period.
  3. Return to the first line of the paragraph and push TAB just once.
  4. Return to very end of the paragraph and push Enter.

Copy and paste your other paragraphs in

  1. Paste your entire first paragraph in.
  2. Push Enter.
  3. If the first line did not automatically indent, click at the beginning of the paragraph and push TAB once. If it did indent, skip this step.
  4. Repeat this for all of the supporting paragraphs.

Double-check formatting

  1. Be sure that each paragraph has an indention. If it doesn’t add it. DO NOT USE THE SPACE BAR TO INDENT!
  2. Be sure that each paragraph only has ONE indention. If it has more than one, reduce it down to one.
  3. Be sure the entire essay is double-spaced. If you don’t know how to double-space, ask Mrs. Evans. DO NOT USE THE ENTER BUTTON TO DOUBLE-SPACE THIS ESSAY!
  4. Be sure there are no blank lines in the essay. If you pushed Enter more than once between the paragraphs or before/after the title, you will lose points.
  5. Be sure all of the text is in Times New Roman 12. Do this by selecting all of the text (CTRL + A) and changing the font type and size. If you need help with this, see Mrs. Evans.

Turn in your essay!

If you are in class, you may bring your essay to Mrs. Evans before submitting it to get a free look-over. Otherwise, turn in the essay and celebrate your victory!