11.15 | Characterization Topic Sentences

Today, students went to the library to check out new books; this is probably the last trip we’ll take to the library until after winter break, so plan accordingly.

Then, students read independently.

Students began to work on the Topic Sentence Gateway for their Characterization Essay; this assignment is found in Google Classroom. Students should finish this by Wednesday (as tomorrow is the second Career Center field trip).

11.11 | CharacteriThesis

Today, students completed the word analogy of the day. Then, students read independently.

Students finished yesterday’s characterization assignment and began writing a thesis statement for the gateway skeleton essay that starts today (in Google Classroom). Students should either write the thesis based on the mom from the video OR any character from a book they’re currently reading/have read this year.  The thesis should be finished by tomorrow/Monday, as students will move on to the topic sentences.