Recommended Apps

I recommend the apps below for educational purposes. Any form of technology can be misused; so please, use these apps responsibly!

Google Hangouts

A Google messaging services.  Great for discussing projects in groups and for contacting teachers about classroom activities.


Google Drive

A method of editing Google Docs and Sheets through your device.  Works really well on tablets and is good in a pinch on a smartphone.



A study helper, this app is where I host student study guides for vocabulary units.  Students can use this to prepare for vocabulary quizzes wherever they are on any given day.


QR Code Reader

This apps, and many like this one, helps get straight to information when a quick response code is posted somewhere.  Occasionally, a student may find these on their worksheets or hidden throughout the classroom.



myHomework Student Planner

This app helps students organize assigments and homework to better prepare for class.  If a student is not interested in keeping up with a paper planner, this may take its place.