Want to follow along with this page as I explain it? Listen to the audio file below. :)

Wowee! We made it through the first quarter! Let’s all pat ourselves on the back, do a little happy dance, and take a nap. Just kidding about the nap. We’ve gotta start second quarter now!

We’ve all learned a little bit about ourselves this quarter. We’ve learned what we’re good at in this online learning environment and what doesn’t work. It’s okay if you learned some hard lessons this quarter–we all did, including me!  But now we do what I lovingly call “fail forward,” which means we take our failures and move forward with the lessons we learn from them.

Let’s kick quarter two in the tail!

Here are some updates and reminders as we head into quarter 2! Read them all and watch the videos that go with them.

Late work policy updated

Starting with week 7 work, the first week of the second quarter, late work will be worth half credit. It is very important for students to complete their work each week since skills build upon one another as we progress through the year.

Students who complete work need to fill out the late work form found on each week’s Bitmoji slides. DO NOT FILL OUT THE FORM IF THERE’S NO ZERO IN INFINITE CAMPUS!

Gateway work reminder

Don’t forget that, in order to earn points on the Gateway writing assignments in Google Classroom, you have to complete the Gateway process. Check out THIS VIDEO that explains how this works for a recent assignment we had.

Class attendance

It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for you to attend class. As we buckle down to have online classes for at least the rest of the semester, you will have to come to class AND PAY ATTENTION so that you don’t fall behind. I can’t help you if you don’t show up or if you’re not engaging your eyes and brain in our class time and I WANT TO HELP YOU!

Class is becoming increasingly important and students who attend and engage in class have MASSIVELY better grades than those who don’t. In fact, I don’t have any students who even passed for the first quarter who didn’t come to class regularly.

What to expect in class: engagement, space to ask questions, clarification for each week’s activities

Weekly slides reminder

Every week, you MUST go through the slides for the week in Google Classroom. Not every assignment is in Google Classroom as an actual assignment.  The slides point you directly to the other places where you need to go in order to complete the week’s assignments; we have to use a lot of platforms to assess all of the content in English (reading, writing, listening, speaking), so the slides simplify access to those platforms. If all else fails, ask me about them in class and/or check the weekly checklist found on slide 3 each week!

Comments in Infinite Campus

I’ve received some requests for assignments to be graded even though the assignments were finished. Sometimes you earn a zero on an assignment that you’ve completed. Be sure to read the comments in Infinite Campus before requesting an assignment be regraded; I always put in a comment if students earn a zero on an assignment.

Texting Service

To sign up for class text messages, send the code @evans10 to the number 81010. Be sure to finish signing up. You may also use the code to join the class on the Remind app, found in your app/play store. If you don’t have a phone and want to sign up another way, go to remind.com/join/evans10 and sign up with an email address that you use frequently.